15 Great Japanese Tiger Tattoos 2016

15 Great Japanese Tiger Tattoos 2016



Asian countries are linked with tattoos which take the form of animals in most cases. Over the years, getting some form of body modifications has become the trend.

Puncturing tattoos are generally painful but really cool. Japanese tiger tattoos are great pieces of art. They are beautiful but fierce. In the Japanese culture, tigers are valued because it is believed that they possess strength, courage and drive off evil spirits. As tigers are strong and masculine animals, Japanese tiger tattoos are very popular among criminal organizations like drug cartels. Having tattoos is not peculiar to any of the sexes. People prefer using tigers as tattoos because on their personal attributes.  Women in general love to have a flowery design in addition to the Japanese tiger tattoos to give it a feminine appeal.

Japanese tiger tattoos are placed on different parts of the body. The prominent ones are the back, arms, hands and thighs. Skin infections are some health risks you can be exposed to when you get Japanese tiger tattoos.

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