15 Best Traditional Flower Tattoos 2016

15 Best Traditional Flower Tattoos 2016



Civilizations the world over have etched their bodies with tattoos and scarification marks for centuries. Tattoos signify different values to different cultures. Native African tribes made use of tattoos for rites of passage. Traditional flower tattoos such as cherry blossoms have been used by the Geishas in Japan.

The lotus flower is a traditional flower tattoo associated with purity and magnificence in the Buddhist and Hindu religions. The tendency of the lotus to shut its flowers and sink into the pond water at night caused the ancient Egyptians to view it as a reincarnation symbol.

In Hawaii, the Hibiscus flower symbolizes supremacy and royalty. It whispers gentleness as a Japanese traditional flower tattoo culture. Roses are favored American traditional flower tattoos which represents perpetual love and optimism. Our bodies could be termed a blank canvas for artwork to be created on. What better way is there to adorn it than with traditional flower tattoos which are firmly imprinted in history?